Are you experiencing an increase in your energy bills throughout the year? It’s easy to say there’s something wrong with your system. It can be due to unclean air ducts. But to be sure, you may need to look for air duct cleaning near me urgently.

What is The Function of Air Ducts?

Depending on how you’ve designed your thermostat, your HVAC system draws in air from its surrounds and cools or heats it. Air ducts are an important aspect of your HVAC system because they transfer air through supply vents to cool or heat different areas of your house.

When your air ducts are in good shape with air duct inspection in Hermosa Beach, you get many benefits, like lower energy bills, a more pleasant house, and better indoor air quality. If your air ducts are leaking, however, those advantages may be nearly impossible to obtain.

Signs of a Leaky Air Duct

  1. Additional utility bills

    Higher utility expenses are one of the most evident indicators of an air duct leak. Because your air ducts convey cooled air if there is a leakage, some of the air supplied leaves before it can reach the places that need it most. This additional work puts more strain on the unit, requiring more effort to power it running and higher energy costs.

  2. There’s always more dust

    If you brush your fingertip over a table and detect a lot of dust, it’s possible that your air ducts are to blame. Built-up dust in your roof and cellar can be drawn in by leaking ductwork and dispersed throughout your home.

    While dust isn’t particularly harmful in and of itself, it can have a detrimental impact on air quality and damage people who suffer from allergies or respiratory problems.

  3. Disturbed temperatures

    Is it hot and humid outside? Are certain rooms warmer than others? While there are several possible causes for uneven air conditioning, don’t overlook your ducting. Because air leaks in your ductwork make it difficult for your air conditioner to cool your home adequately, it becomes stuffy, and certain areas seem warmer than others.

What To Do if You Spot These Signs?

  1. Get an inspection

    Scheduling an air duct inspection in Hermosa Beach from a trustworthy HVAC firm is the first step in finding leaks in your ducting. The ducting will be thoroughly scrutinized for noticeable tears or missing connections during the inspection. All trouble spots will be highlighted with a graphite pencil to be repaired after the examination.

  2. Duct tape

    If you’ve recently purchased an old house, search for duct tape as a clue that your ductwork may be leaking. Owners frequently use duct tape as a bandage to try to heal an air duct leak. It may temporarily fix the problem, but it does not last, and the problem may worsen over time.

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