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When you need an HVAC inspection, service, installation, estimate or consultation, HVAC Inspections Los Angeles is the team you can depend on. We have been in the industry for over 20 years and serve the Los Angeles and greater LA area, with no signs of lowing down.

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Professional HVAC Inspections

Getting HVAC inspections can do more than just provide peace of mind. It can answer some of your most pressing questions such as whether or not a replacement or repair is needed, and even if there’s an opportunity to improve efficiency! We offer inspections as an HVAC professional consultant for homeowners that are looking to buy a home and need a second opinion.

During an HVAC inspection, one of our expert technicians will come to your home and test the quality of your HVAC system’s airflow. First we inspect the external condition, test the air temperature in the duct system, and test the static pressure to confirm your system has proper air flow. For our residents in Los Angeles and the greater LA area, we offer free estimates on these services and all of our services. We also routinely perform HVAC inspections for realtors, insurance agents, and new homeowners!

Trusted HVAC Services in Los Angeles

At HVAC Inspections Los Angeles , we provide a number of services to our clients in Los Angeles and the greater LA area. But we’re not just like any other HVAC contractor out there. We believe in making the world a cleaner place to live in, which is why we joined the California Clean Air Initiative. The California Clean Air Initiative is one of the largest clean air initiatives ever, with a budget of nearly $900 million to promote more energy efficient and cleaner alternatives to systems most used in the state of California. This includes HVAC and electrical systems found in your home. Clean energy not only is better for the environment, but it can also save you money over time! When you work with us, you’re not just getting quality service, installations and maintenance, but you’re promoting a cleaner, more energy efficient lifestyle.

In addition to expert HVAC inspections and services, our company also performs duct work, indoor air quality services, home energy audits and more! We even offer financing on approved credit, and low-pressure consulting for HVAC purchases. Our team strives to make our services available, convenient, and affordable for all of our valued clients.

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Go Green with HVAC Electrification!

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HVAC electrification replaces systems that use fossil fuels like natural gas or fuel oil. Electrification is a cleaner way of generating energy from AC and heating systems and even cooking and laundry appliances. Just like electric vehicles are becoming more and more the norm, many homeowners are looking at the single biggest consumer of electricity in their homes: HVAC systems.

Our team can help you understand the impact you would have by replacing your older gas or oil furnace or inefficient system with a newer, more energy efficient HVAC system. Not only will this help you reduce your reliance on fossil fuels, in some cases this can mean lower utility costs because of the high efficiency ratings on the systems we install! If you’re interested in learning more about HVAC electrification with our team, we’re only a quick call or click away.

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My name is Matt Alba and I’m a NATE certified HVAC Systems inspector with over 10 years of hands on experience. I can save you thousands. My HVAC System inspections are accurate, complete, and professional. Schedule your HVAC Inspection today.

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At HVAC Inspections Los Angeles we serve residents in Los Angeles and the greater LA area. In addition to new and current homeowners needing assistance with their HVAC systems, we are also a highly trusted resource for insurance and real estate agents, as well as general inspectors. From assisting with insurance claims related to HVAC equipment to improving and testing HVAC systems for real estate agents and potential homeowners, we give you that peace of mind before moving forward with a major decision.

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As we always say: know before you close!

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5 stars

I called HVAC inspections for a new property with some HVAC issues. Matt was very professional and explained all our options in a way a non-plumber could understand. Great service and fair pricing! Thanks so much!

- Vince L.

5 stars

Protect your clients and make sure to add this inspection for your buyers! I saved my buyer thousands of dollars for repairs our home inspector did not find! I'm so glad I suggested to have this done for them! Thanks Matt! I'll be back soon!

- Nina C.

5 stars

My mom and I love Matthew - his professionalism and quality of service gave us confidence for our HVAC inspection on a house we’re buying. Will be using him in the future. Thanks so much Mathew!

- Olivia

5 stars

Rarely leave reviews but important for others to know Matt and his team are true professionals. Fair, transparent, knowledgeable. Embody the love what you do and never work a day in your life. Thanks again.

- Tamir L.

5 stars

I called HVAC inspections for a new property with some HVAC issues. Matt was very professional and explained all our options in a way a non-plumber could understand. Great service and fair pricing! Thanks so much!

- Vince L.

Certified HVAC Company in Los Angeles and the Greater LA Area

Our team brings many years of experience and certifications to the table to give you the utmost confidence in choosing us for service. We hold certifications with NCI, NATE, and ENERGY STAR. This means not only are our services exceptional and dependable, but we work with quality products and promote a greener lifestyle for our customers in the Los Angeles area. We’re also a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor, which means we’ve put in many hours of training and have advanced experience with Mitsubishi electric systems.

Our slogan has always been, “know before you close,” which translates to knowing the ins and outs of the service you’re getting before closing a deal. We want our customers to receive quality work and to better understand the work we do to form trust between them and our team.

For top-quality HVAC inspections and HVAC services in Los Angeles and the greater LA area, call on HVAC Inspections Los Angeles to handle it all!

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