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The holiday season is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to spend time in warm and comfy homes. All thanks to furnaces that keep our indoor home temperature warm, protecting us from harsh winters. Make sure your furnace works properly throughout the season by scheduling a heating inspection in Hermosa Beach.

At HVAC inspections Los Angeles, we provide the best quality inspection and services for long-lasting HVAC units.

About Us

We are a professional HVAC company based in Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles. Owned by Matt Alba, a NATE certified HVAC systems inspector, you just can’t go wrong by choosing our HVAC inspection. All our technicians are highly skilled and experienced in handling air conditioners, furnaces, and indoor air quality units.

We aim to provide the best quality, prompt, and precise services across our service areas. The team’s hard work and professional endeavor make us the most trustworthy HVAC company in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

What To Expect in a Heating Inspection?

A heating inspection consists of various checks and cleaning of each element to ensure its optimal condition. Technicians can even identify potential issues and address them. If you are scheduling a professional gas furnace inspection in Hermosa Beach, you can expect these:

  • Inspection of ductwork for leaks or blockages.
  • Checking the heat exchanger for signs of corrosion and cracks.
  • Checking clogged air grills
  • Inspection and cleaning of the blower and its components.
  • Ensuring that blower access door has a tight seal
  • Examining the pilot light and flame sensor for accurate operation.
  • Checking and cleaning the furnace’s air filter
  • Lubricating motor and other moving parts to reduce friction
  • Looking for signs of breaking or worn-out belts
  • Testing the system’s startup cycle

And so on.

Why Choose Us?


  • Certified Specialists

Our team consists of certified HVAC specialists who perform their duties with utmost care and precision. From a heating inspection in Hermosa Beach to AC replacement, we can handle it all.

  • Prompt Service

No one wants to wait for hours after their furnace has stopped working. We strive to deliver speedy services no matter what part of LA you are in.

  • Latest Equipment

We keep updated with the latest technologies and deliver the best possible estimates. All our tools and test kits are new and calibrated for accurate results.

  • Licensed Services

As a licensed company, you are good to go with your valuable HVAC units in safe hands. All our services are licensed and can be covered under insurance.

Our Services

We proudly serve residential and commercial HVAC systems across Los Angeles, Long Beach, Inglewood, Torrance, and Redondo Beach, CA.

You can choose from our wide range of premium HVAC inspections and services listed below:

Apart from these, we also offer repair, installation, and replacement services for AC, furnaces, and indoor air quality units.

Are you planning to get a gas furnace inspection in Hermosa Beach? Talk to one of our technicians. Call us at (310)465-3822 to schedule a service today!

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