HVAC Inspections In Torrance, CA

What To Expect During Your HVAC Inspection In Torrance

Many homeowners overlook getting their HVAC systems serviced on a regular basis, which is understandable since most units are out of sight and therefore out of mind. However, properly maintaining your heating and cooling system has many benefits: you extend the life of your units, avoid costly repairs, and even save money on your power bill every month. Most visits are not excessively costly, either. Here are the types of things you can expect during your HVAC inspection in Torrance. 

Outdoor HVAC Inspections in Torrance

These inspections require the least amount of work on your behalf; most of the time, you do not even need to be home. A technician will find your unit and make sure all mechanical parts are in proper working order. This includes checking and adjusting the refrigerant level, cleaning off any dirt or debris that may have accumulated on working parts, and inspecting fan blades and motor for wear and tear. Appropriate adjustments will be made, including lubricating units that require it. Lastly, the technician will inspect the unit for any leaks or drips and make necessary repairs.

Indoor HVAC Inspections In Torrance

With indoor HVAC inspections, a little more is required — the technician will need access to the unit, control panels, and air filters. During the inspection, all mechanical elements will be looked over, including any housing. Debris and lint will be cleaned off, air filters will be replaced if needed, and any condensation will be cleaned out of the lines. Additionally, the technician will check for leaks, parts that are nearing the end of their service life, and all wiring controls in the unit and in the control box. Essentially, if anything needs done, they will take care of it.

Why You Need HVAC Inspections

While there is a service charge associated with yearly inspections, it is a fraction of the replacement cost of a full HVAC system. When units are properly maintained, they can last decades instead of just a few years. Units that are running without added resistance from debris or buildup or parts that need repaired use less energy as well, saving you money every month on your power bill. Smart homeowners know that HVAC inspections are not a step they can skip.

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