Chilly winters are something you can’t ignore. A furnace has the job of providing you comfort during such weather. But what if your furnace suddenly stops working or breaks down? For emergencies, you need an HVAC inspection in Hermosa Beach as soon as possible to find out the issues in your thermostat!

How do We Fix Some Common Thermostat Issues?

Several reasons might cause your thermostat not to work properly. Given below, we provide you with a list of some of the most common thermostat issues and how you can fix such problems.

The Thermostat is not Responding

An unresponsive thermostat is a common issue that many homeowners face. The first thing you can do to solve this issue is to try replacing the existing batteries with new ones, as the existing ones might have died. Cleaning the thermostat is also necessary to prevent the accumulation of dirt inside the thermostat that might stop the proper functioning of your thermostat. But, if the problem continues, it indicates a severe problem that requires a professional hand.

Your AC won’t Turn Off

If your air conditioner doesn’t turn off, you will pay unnecessarily high energy bills for a large amount of wasted energy. A worn-out wiring or a disconnected wire from the circuit can be the culprit behind the above problem. But, be careful while dealing with stuff that involves electricity. So it would be best to call a professional for quick assistance and problem-solving.

Uneven Distribution of Air

Do you feel a significant difference in the temperature of different rooms in your home? In one room you feel cold while the other one is hot. A malfunctioning thermostat can cause such issues. When your thermostat is not working as expected, you might also face unexpected turns on and off in your system. Contacting an HVAC technician will help you solve this problem and get even air distribution.

Improper Placement of the Thermostat

Many homeowners don’t know where you put the thermostat determines its proper functioning. It would help if you did not place your thermostat close to anything hot like an oven, fireplace, or refrigerator, as it can affect its performance. If your thermostat cannot read your home’s temperature, it can cause problems with your system. So talk to your technician and ensure the proper placement of the thermostat.

The AC Won’t Turn on
If your AC does not turn on, the most common reason can be a malfunctioning thermostat. It would help if you first tried turning the thermostat off and on again in this situation. If nothing happens, it means a severe problem like a faulty wire in the thermostat. You will need a professional to help you out in such situations.

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