HVAC Inspections Los Angeles is the best choice for air quality inspection in Hermosa Beach. If your outdoor AC unit is leaking water, here are some reasons it is happening.

Dirty Air Filter

If you haven’t had your AC serviced, there might be dirt in the air filters. Clean the air filters frequently so that dust and debris do not block the airflow. Your air conditioner accumulates a layer of dust and pollutants over the months, which can harm your health.

Blocked air freezes inside the unit and later evaporates through the coils. It leads to water leakage from the outdoor AC unit.

Blocked Condensate Drain

A condensate drain of an AC unit carries the accumulated water from the unit to dispose of outside. But if the drain itself has dirt and debris, the disposing of the water gets hindered. It is essential to clean the condensate drain as frequently as an air filter. Condensate drains can have layers of algae and rust over time.

Improper Installation of the Unit

Most likely, the AC service provider did not install the AC unit correctly. When the unit is not installed appropriately, it causes the burning of the AC parts. Burning can cause damage to the pipes that drain out the water if it continues. Hence, call your service provider and ask for guidance to solve the problem.

Lower Levels of Refrigerant

When the refrigerant level is low in the unit, it causes the evaporator coils to freeze. Consequently, the AC leaks water more frequently than usual due to the formation of extra water.

Issues With the Condensate Pumps

As mentioned earlier, improper unit installation can damage the condensate pipes responsible for carrying the water out of the AC. Damaged condensate pumps can cause leaking of water midway.

That is when you need to change the condensate pumps of your unit. If you need to replace the pipes, you should call a professional since it involves technical skills.

Here are Some Steps to Solve the Issue of Water Leakage

  • Clean the Filters and Vents
  • Cleaning the air filters and the vents is the initial step in maintaining the AC. This step does not always require a technician. Air filters and vents need to be cleaned from time to time to avoid future problems. The vents can accumulate dust over many months, causing it to spread outside afterward. It can also collect mold spores which might harm your health.

  • Check Drain Pan
  • Since the drain pan is responsible for collecting excess water from the AC, a damaged one can also cause water leakage. Inspect the drain pan to ensure proper draining of water.

  • Check the Installation
  • The HVAC system can suffer from damage and perform poorly if the technician fails to install it correctly. Hence, if the technician has already improperly fixed the AC, call the service provider and ask to solve the problem.

    Those were some reasons why your outdoor AC unit might leak water. If you want your AC checked and supervised, contact us for AC inspection services in Hermosa Beach.

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