Furnace maintenance – repair, clean-up, replacement – is essential to taking good care of your furnace. This helps you ensure that your furnace lasts for a long time. However, living in an age where no one has enough time, people want to get their essential tasks taken care of in as little time as possible. They want to know how long cleaning a furnace takes.

Before googling “heater inspection near me” there are some basic things a person should watch out for when their furnace technician arrives. The time taken to maintain a furnace depends on these. Here they are.

How is The Air Filter?

Air filters are essential for furnaces. If they get too dirty, they cause the furnace to overwork, which leads to overheating and substantial energy consumption. In the long-term, this can reflect reduced life for a furnace.

Therefore, air filters are the most basic and essential things that the technician should take a look at first. They should be taken care of first, whether it is cleaning or replacing.

Checking Heat Exchanger

Experienced technicians, like the ones at HVAC Inspections Los Angeles , don’t take a lot of time doing this. This task is essential – a heat exchanger with cracks is very dangerous, as it can leak poisonous gasses into a home. It is also very easy to perform, as it only requires the technician to take a good look at the exchanger. This can be performed simply by seeing, or by using inspection cameras.

Inspecting And Cleaning Blower

The blower’s fan eventually gets clogged with debris and dust. This process occurs over time and can reduce the speed with which the circulation of warm air occurs.

The technician will take apart the blower assembly – motor, fan, and squirrel cage – inspect every part, and carefully clean the fan using brushes.

Cleaning Burners

Burners need to be checked to ensure they are burning efficiently. Most commonly, burners will display issues of contamination or not being aligned properly, if they are not burning properly. The technician will check if the burner is slotted or winged properly, and whether there are any foreign particles disrupting air or gas flow.

Flame Sensor

The flame sensor is the most important component of your unit besides air filters – they are the brains of the operation. It decides whether your furnace is operating properly or not.

After ignition, the gas is ignited and the flame sensor generates electric currents which then show up on the reading. If this is not within the proper level of micro amps, the furnace cannot function properly and the system will stop giving fuel automatically – to avoid any mishaps. Therefore, regular cleaning and repair are necessary.

Depending on these parts of your furnace, and looking after them, will make your furnace last longer. Simple clean-ups take anywhere between 1 to 2 hours. If repairs are required, or if the furnace is particularly large, it can take even longer.

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