California’s push against natural gas and gas appliances may lead to residential electrification sooner than expected. Regardless of the legislation’s outcome, it’s clear Californians prioritize the environment and carbon footprint reduction. Electrifying your home is becoming essential to meet market standards. Here are key considerations to get started.

Beneficial Electrification Will Provide the Best Returns

Beneficial electrification is the process of prioritizing efficiency upgrades according to their cost benefits. For instance, if you currently own a gas stove, heater, and water heater, you don’t necessarily have to replace all three at once. Instead, determine which of these replacements will have the fastest and largest impact on your overhead costs. By prioritizing replacements that cut your spending, you can alleviate the financial stress of whole-house electrification.

Homeowners Shouldn’t Overlook the Hidden Costs of Electrification

Electrifying your home won’t prove as easy as pulling your gas-powered appliances out and sliding your new electric appliances in. Most projects require major changes in residential electrical systems, HVAC equipment storage areas, and ducting among other things. If you’re currently mapping out your budget, consider all of the infrastructure that your new appliances will need. The best way to get an accurate estimate of how much each aspect of this massive undertaking will cost is by requesting quotes from licensed professionals.

There Are Always Ways To Save

If you plan on replacing your HVAC equipment as the first step in electrifying your home, you can take advantage of the significant tax credits that are offered for efficiency upgrades under the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act. The key to capitalizing on these incentives lies in making sure that your new HVAC equipment is qualified.

Another great way to cut your spending on electrification is to contact your utility company. You may find additional residential energy incentive programs through this entity, or you might get referrals for third-party funding and support.

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