Tell-Tale Signs of Leaking Air Ducts

If you face temperature extremities at Hermosa Beach, it is natural as the temperature ranges from 510F to 750F for the year in this place. So, it is essential to know whether your air conditioner is performing efficiently by contacting the nearest AC Service at Hermosa Beach, CA. Regular servicing by the Air Duct Inspection experts at Hermosa Beach helps the system effectively function.

But how will you know if there is a leakage in your air ducts? Are you experiencing an increase in your energy bills throughout the year? It’s easy to say there’s something wrong with your system. It can be due to unclean air ducts.

What is The Function of Air Ducts?

Depending on how you’ve designed your thermostat, your HVAC system draws in air from its surrounds and cools or heats it. Air ducts are an important aspect of your HVAC system because they transfer air through supply vents to cool or heat different areas of your house.

When your air ducts are in good shape with air duct inspection in Hermosa Beach, you get many benefits, like lower energy bills, a more pleasant house, and better indoor air quality. If your air ducts are leaking, however, those advantages may be nearly impossible to obtain.

Signs of a Leaky Air Duct

Decreased Indoor Air Quality

When the ducts are inaccurately locked, poor indoor air quality is evident. For instance, dust on vent covers, pollen particles in the home, etc., are signs of air contamination. Air ducts are usually placed in unconditioned areas of the home, such as attics and crawl spaces. Leakage in air ducts in such areas allows dust to enter the system. It is further distributed throughout the house.

It will negatively influence the indoor air quality of the home. Dust that settles in attics contains environmental contaminants distributed throughout the home. Keep your attic clean, and ductwork sealed to free of dust.

Increase In Electricity Bills

Although seasonal changes spike AC usage, sudden hikes in energy consumption and spiked electricity bills can be concerning. Air duct inspection can highlight the issue with the system. Air leaks will likely allow an extensive percentage of the conditioned air to escape into the attic. On the one hand, money is lost; and on the other hand, electricity bills are increased. Timely AC service addresses leakage in air ducts. It is a cost-effective way to enhance the energy efficiency of the house.

Frequent Air Conditioning Service

Frequent repairs to the AC can be a reason for leaky air ducts. The leakage may cause air to escape, which puts significant demand on the AC unit. Higher demands suggest higher stress on the AC unit, causing frequent servicing or repair.

Temperature Differentiation

AC duct leakage leads to temperature differences at home. For instance, it may take longer than usual to heat or cool the home. Uneven cooling or heating and some rooms lacking the right temperature suggest leaky air ducts. These symptoms suggest that air meant for that room is escaping before getting delivered. Stay alert to how efficiently the rooms are regulated when switching on the AC. Besides creating an uncomfortable home environment, uneven cooling can strain the AC unit. The lifespan of the units decreases if left unaddressed.

Life Span Of An AC

After the minimum life span of an AC, it potentially has leaky air ducts. When ducts get older, they face the risk of damage. Be extra attentive if the ducts are more than 15 years old. Issues are likely to initiate after that period.

What To Do if You Spot These Signs?

  1. Get an inspection

    Scheduling an air duct inspection in Hermosa Beach from a trustworthy HVAC firm is the first step in finding leaks in your ducting. The ducting will be thoroughly scrutinized for noticeable tears or missing connections during the inspection. All trouble spots will be highlighted with a graphite pencil to be repaired after the examination.

  2. Duct tape

    If you’ve recently purchased an old house, search for duct tape as a clue that your ductwork may be leaking. Owners frequently use duct tape as a bandage to try to heal an air duct leak. It may temporarily fix the problem, but it does not last, and the problem may worsen over time.

If your ductwork is ancient, it’s time to have it inspected by a professional, as poor ductwork puts a strain on your HVAC system. It can cost you more money in the long term because it will need to be serviced more frequently if it isn’t working properly.

To address duct issues at Hermosa Beach, CA, contact HVAC Inspections Los Angeles to book an appointment. We provide A-class Air Duct Inspection at Hermosa Beach by trained and skilled HVAC experts.

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